Main directions of activity

  • Professional development of geologists, educational and practical work with young people and students
  • Support of industry veterans
  • Participation in preparation of legislation related to the exploitation and protection of natural resources
  • Assistance to exploration and production industry in introduction of international standards
  • Assistance in development of geological science and scientific-research works
  • Organization and participation in scientific-technical conferences, geological forums and seminars
  • Scientific-educational activities through organization of trainings, seminars, field expeditions and excursions, publishing of books, monographs, collection of scientific papers, geological maps and others
  • Assistance to geological museums and protection of geological monuments


UAG provides technical assistance and consulting services to E&P and mining companies as well as to investors of the industry. This assistance is provided through the Expert Committee and Supervising Service. Leading specialists and scientists are members of the Expert Committee. They are performing scientific-research and consulting services, scientific and technical expertise and support of industry projects.

Journal "Ukrainian Geologist"

UAG publishes the journal "Ukrainian Geologist" since 2003. The journal is published quarterly. From 2010 the journal is included in the list of professional publications of the HAC.

Ukrainian Geologist – is a regular participant and media sponsor of the international forums and exhibitions such as "Oil and Gas, Kyiv", "High Tech", international specialized exhibitions "Subsoil. Minerals”, “Labcomplex” and others. The journal highlights the use of mineral resources and other industry problems. Ukrainian Geologist provides historical information, scientific and technological achievements in geology, information about UAG activity and others.


UAG supported by NADRA Group organized and conducted over 60 national and international conferences, including AAPG European Region Annual Conference and Exhibition "Exploration in the Black Sea and Caspian Regions: Historical Past, Promising Future" that was organized jointly with AAPG in 2010.

This conference has drawn a wide international response among geologists, scientists and specialists of oil and gas companies. The conference has been attended by 502 delegates from 212 organizations and companies from 28 countries.

Social programs

In March 2001, on the initiative of Minister of Geology of USSR (1967-1982 years), adviser of the president of NAS of Ukraine, Honorary President of the UPO "Ukrainian Association of Geologists," Peter F. Shpak has been created the Council of Veterans of Geology as a part of UAG. The main task of the Council was to associate experts - veterans in geology with a purpose to keep in contact geological generations. UAG is interested in transferring of the knowledge between experienced geologists and youth, in transfer of their invaluable scientific, industrial and managerial experience in order to improve the prestige of the profession of geologist and geological industry in Ukraine.

Within the program "Young geologist" and with the charitable support of NADRA Group, series of scientific and popular literature for students were published, Ukrainian children's teams were organized, trained and delegated to participate in international geological competitions. The Association supports existing geological groups in schools and encourages the creation of new groups by conducting geological seminars, field expeditions and excursions.

UAG pays a significant attention to the young professionals and students. In December 2003 UAG has founded an Interdepartmental Educational and Methodological Coordination Center, now a part of the UPO "Ukrainian Association of Geologists". The main purpose of the center is the organization of the postgraduate education and employment of young specialists. The Center creates a database with information about college graduates, young specialists and professionals requiring professional development and employment. In 2010 the Ukrainian Association of Geologists in collaboration with Tutkovsky Institute has launched a program «Professional Development of Specialists of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Industry for the International Co-operation and Employment in Western Companies». The program is free of charge for students and organized with a participation of lectors - members of the AAPG, representatives of companies such as SHELL, RAG and others.

In 2011, UAG has launched a social program "Assistance in employment of professionals and young specialists". UAG has established cooperation with the managers of the state and private owned production companies and foreign representatives in order to assist them in recruitment of the geological specialists as well as their engagement in carrying out of specific projects